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Absentee notes

When your child is absent from school, it is important to send a note into the school as soon as possible after their return to school.  If your child has an extended period of leave, it is suggested you phone and advise the school. 

School absences are monitored by the school and the HSLO (Home School Liaison Officer) on a regular basis.  All absences need to be explained. 

Student Absentee Note (pdf 97 KB)

 If you are aware that you need your child to avail periods of leave of 10 days or more for extenuating circumstances or elite sports activities, then an "Exemption from School" application should be made.  These forms are available from the school office. 


Please be advised that from the commencement of 2015, the department will no longer grant exemptions from school for family holidays outside of school holiday periods. These will be included as absences from school. Parents and carers are encouraged to take students on family holidays in school holidays.


If you plan to take your child out of school for any period of time you are asked to complete an application for Extended Leave - Travel, which will be considered by the school.  If leave is approved, you will be granted a certificate of Extended Leave -Travel.

Application-Extended Leave (pdf 728 KB)