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Working with children-volunteer

Working With Children Volunteer - Check

All parents, carers and friends who help in our school (i.e. parent helpers with reading, canteen, P&C events, etc,) need to complete a WWV (Working with Children Volunteer) form online through this link, https://wwccheck.ccyp.nsw.gov.au/Applicants/Application#.  You will then need to visit the RTA with your identification, where you will be given a numbered certificate. There is NO COST for this service.


If you are a volunteer who already works with children, (whether paid or as a volunteer) you may already have a Working With Children Certificate for another location.  That certificate will be able to be used for this location as well.  


The number on your Working With Children Certificate will be very useful as it will be required for all organisations where you will be working with children on a volunteer basis, eg, sports and other clubs, as the same certificate/number can be used for these groups as well as school.


Once you have received your certificate, a copy needs to be emailed to our school office along with your Date of Birth which we will use to verify your number for our records.   Your support in this matter will help us to ensure that all volunteers are screened and able to support our school.

Unfortunately we are unable to make use of valuable support if the Working With Children Certificate is not available.