Engadine Public School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

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Principal's message

Welcome to our school!

At Engadine Public School we are proud to be an integral part of our local community.  Situated as we are in the hub of the Engadine central business district, our school is prominent, well supported and highly regarded by the Engadine community of local businesses, families and services.

Our motto is 'Believe, Achieve, 'Succeed' and our students, staff and families work together in a positive partnership to maximise our students' successes and our school's reputation.  We know that if we work from a sense of shared understanding and beliefs; if we persevere and work hard together, then we will ultimately experience success.  This important message based on values is shared with students across the school in our school expectations, our whole school approach to student wellbeing  and is reflected in our school award system.

We promote an inclusive learning environment at Engadine Public School and work hard to grow confident, innovative and successful learners.  In 2023 we  have  400 students and our classes comprise of 14 mainstream classes from K-6, as well as 4 support classes catering for students with autism and mild to moderate intellectual support needs.  Our programs across the school in every class are differentiated to meet the learning needs of each student; we recognise, support and challenge the diverse range of talents and abilities which our students possess.

Our emphasis on Visible Learning encourages our students to become self-directed and intrinsically movitated learners.  Teachers work with students to set explicit learning goals, articulate what they are learning and understand how to achieve the next steps in their learning.  We support students to take risks with their learning; to be prepared to make mistakes and accept feedback because this is how we learn.

Engadine Public School addresses the full range of curriculum topics as required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), with our core academic focus being the ongoing development of imrpoved literacy and numeracy outcomes for our students.  As well as the rigorous classroom studies, our students are able to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as: dancing, chess club, French classes, code club, choir, band, newspaper club, and environmental team.  Our staff work hard in their own time to make these valuable learning opportunities accessible for interested students.  Our school sport program is well established, with students offered summer and winter PSSA selections, as well as school based PE activities and the Department of Education swim scheme.

We aim to provide a school experience that balances academic, social, emotional and physical development and in doing so we empower our students to become active, resilient, and informed citizens in our rapidly changing world.

Parents, families, and community are welcome to become actively involved with our school - we have a friendly and hard-working P&C , there are a myriad of opportunities to help out in class, attend excurions, support fundraising initiatives, cover books, or simply join us to celebrate one of our many Open Days throughout the school year.  I am proud to be the Principal of such a thriving and positive school community; at Engadine Public School we know, value, and care for every student.

Sara Swift